I create brand identities and communications for people who are reimagining everything.

strategy that moves.

Authentic actions. Soul connected growth. What you see is who we are. This is the big picture overarching plan that guides an entire brand. Creating the right roadmap intertwines your brand and your dreams for the world with the decisions you make every day.I've worked with conscious tech founders, creatives creating modern activist communities, connection-based facilitators, humxn-healing providers, visionary nonprofits, and consultants that are equalizing everything.This work has included brand, visual, communications, and marketing strategy, as well as copywriting, pitch deck creating, operations and program support, and more.

storytelling that matters.

Strategic vulnerability. Interesting anecdotes. Enticing data. Social proof. This is the big picture over-arching narrative that guides your entire brand. Choosing the right words intertwines the ethos of your brand and your dreams for the world with the stories that are connected to it.I've interviewed close to 100 digital darlings, humane-tech founders, hyper local brick and mortar owners, personal development heroes, spiritual development heroes, people rethinking money & finance, people rethinking everything else, and so many more.These stories have been published on sites like Conscious Company Media (now SoCap Global), Transformative Tech, Day 1 to Dylan, and Creative Enlightenment.

featured projects: brand identity, communications strategy, & website design

featured project: communications and program advising

conscious-tech startup


For two decades, Starchive has been working with the archival teams of some of entertainment's biggest icons, like Bob Dylan, The Property Brothers, & Essence Magazine. In 2020, they revamped their platform to be accessible to all creators and contracted me to help them bring their brand to the masses.


Create a modern, trend-forward brand that will resonate with creatives and integrate a new NFT offering with traditional digital asset management services.

Quick Website UpgradeEmail Drip CampaignPitch Deck Creation
Full Website OverhaulInstagram StrategyThought Leadership Strategy


Create & present an identity that takes an innovative brand from standard SaaS company to memorable creator brand.


I presented an overview of brands operating in a similar position: targeting the creator economy, truly innovative product, and trend-forward identity. From this, we launched a quick website upgrade and drip campaign, in only about six weeks, and then started working on the strategy to revamp the entire brand.


MARSHA, a font by Tré Seals, of Vocal Type, was inspired by the vertical sign that once hung outside of Stonewall, and named after Marsha P. Johnson. Marsha was an African-American, transgender woman from New Jersey, whose activism in the 1960's and 70's made her one of the most prominent figures in the Stonewall uprising of 1969.Tré's work is focused on bringing greater diversity to typography, and using this font was a step towards Starchive presenting as a leader in increasing diversity in the creator economy.

We wanted a easy-to-read font for paragraphs, that would not detract from the power of the title font and would feel familiar to people.

"Damn! You slayed it. Thank you for taking such care to produce something so compelling and help our quixotic quest to change the future by elevating every creator's opportunity to curate and share their work."- Richard Averitt, Starchive CEO & Cofounder

The team didn't want to redo their logo because they have been around for so long. So I did a quick "upgrade" to it, bringing it forward to match their brand.

consulting that equalizes

Rosa Sabater

Rosa had long been running the consulting firm, Martellus, and over the years, had started adding additional services for womxn in CEO positions and young professional womxn just coming into the corporate world. Everything she does is focused on how to get womxn the pay they deserve and the support they need to succeed in the corporate world.


Create an umbrella brand that brings together all of her various endeavors and creates a place for her to grow as a thought leader.

Brand IdentityWebsite Design
Opt-In Design 


To create an umbrella brand that represented a diversity of womxn at various stages of their careers.


By focusing on the struggles Rosa knows womxn bring to her various endeavors, we created copy, opt-in resources, and a membership program that would speak to what womxn really need to succeed. We were careful to use a diverse set of stock photos that represented a diversity of womxn, in size, age, and race or cultural identity.


The goal with typography was to balance professionalism with friendliness and accessibility. So I went with a more professional serif font for headings and a common san serif for paragraphs.

"Launching this umbrella brand has felt really overwhelming. Working with someone who so clearly sees the vision and understands what I want to do in the world has made all the difference."- Rosa Sabater

Rosa wanted to stay friendly and accessible, so we decided not to create a logo, but to use a hand-written font and her name.

connection through play

The Adventure Project

Amy Angelilli is an improviser who has run improv schools and used improv to connect groups for two decades. She contracted me to help her relaunch her brand as one that works with schools, companies, and events, focusing less without losing her playful spirit and still highlighting her performance options and work.


Create a brand identity that incorporates the more playful elements of Amy's work but presents professional enough to attract larger organizations and schools.

Brand IdentityWebsite Design
Voice Strategy 


To create an updated website without doing a rebrand.


I approached every element of this from the perspective of playfulness, from the template we started with to the images used to the copy.

Amy was set on using her existing logo, which was created for a previous website, focused on "summer camp for adults." This limited what we could do with the website. So I used a photoshop filter to make the logo pop more and found a new font to use for the business name.

modern activist community

Climate Designers

Climate Designers launched in 2020, as a free membership community for designers - in every industry - to come together and use their work to create climate change. They contracted with me that fall to be the Program & Communications lead for their upcoming virtual conference.


Oversee program strategy and be responsible for all communications.

Program StrategyCommunications Strategy
Sponsorship DeckCore Blog Posts
Partnership MaterialsSpeaker Callouts


To create a program schedule for a global brand and to create marketing collateral to reach possible participants, sponsors, and speakers.


As part of a small team who was organizing the conference, my first step was to present a program strategy to the rest of the team. From there, we were off and running!I edited almost every piece of communications that we put out, and I worked with the speakers on their bios.I also created a sponsorship deck.

writing portfolio

I have interviewed and featured close to 100 founders and creatives over the past few years.

feature opportunity

I have recently launched a substack publication, in collaboration with Starchive. We are on a mission to feature the work of as many creatives as we can.Check it out here and apply to be featured here.

website co-creation

I know first-hand that hiring someone to create a custom website and brand strategy is never realistic for solopreneurs & freelancers. I also know that having a professionally designed website (home, offers, about) and brand image can go a long way towards assuring your ideal clients + customers that you are the perfect fit for them.Together we can create a simple, beautiful three-page website that tells the story of your work just the way you would - adjusted ever-so-slightly with the best practices in communications & brand strategy.And we'll do it for a fraction of the money you'd pay to hire a designer and half the time you'd spend doing it yourself.


I'll send you some strategy questions to help us both get clear on your vision for your business.


I'll set up a Squarespace website, complete with free stock photos, section headings, & a unique color palette.


We'll have a 90 minute meeting to go over all of the choices I made, and discuss the remaining content.


You'll fill in the remaining content, and I'll do an edit for voice and clarity.


Launch Your New Site

featured client

"I was struggling with getting my message and business clearly organized and articulated on my website and wasn't sure I could get the quality I wanted within my budget. Not only was LaKay within my budget, she spoke my language and understood exactly what I was looking for. As for my new brand look and website, it is fresh, well-expressed, clean, organized and beautiful."- Heather, Pura Vida Holistic Health

simple pricing


50% is paid to book your project and 50% is paid after the 90 minute session (midway point).Email me with any questions or to get started!

Available Add-ons⓵ I'll help you connect your existing domain to the new site and give you 2 hours of training to be used in increments of 30 minutes, 1 hour, 90 minutes, or the full two hours, for $300.⓶ I'll transfer up your existing blog posts to the new site. $10 per post, with 20 post minimum.⓷ Additional pages can be added for $125 for most pages and $300 for an additional sales page.⓸ I can also create newsletter and social media templates that match your new site, as well as connect your existing newsletter service or set you up on Squarespace's newsletter service. Prices vary depending on scope.

published writing

Nonfiction Essays

Creative Enlightenment (Medium)

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The Power of Innovation, September 2020

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The Mastery of Leaders: Bold Insights from Taming the Environment, May 2020

The Soul of Creators: Bold Insights from Consciously Shifting Culture, April 2020

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The Courage To Leap, (print) November 2017

She is Fierce!

My Year of &, February 2017


Work as I say, Not as I Did, by Nicolás Forero (personal site), October 2021

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We broke down social media to try and build up humanity., by Amy Giddon, Press Release, January 2020


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Megan Falley: Poet, Activist, Needle Mover, July 2020

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February 2020

Laura Cathcart Robbins: Truth-Teller, Community-Builder, Needle-Mover, January 2020

Copywriting & Blog Posting

for other brands

Holding onto Hope, Central City Concern

Charlette's Story, Central City Concern

Interviews & Brand Features

Transformative Tech

Keren Flavell, Kasaba, August 2021

Medium (self-published)

Sarah Symons, Her Future Coalition, January 2021

Dr. Vanessa Bouché, January 2021

Jennifer Moreau, World for Good, January 2021

SUSTAIN, the mag

Anya Rangnathan: Creating Massive Social Change, One Bad Apple at a Time, October 2020

Meet xocial, a Platform that Drives Social Impact for Business, October 2020

Conscious Company Media (SOCAP Global)

Alex Diaz, COMMON Future, September 2020

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Emily Weltman, CoFlow Consulting, September 2020

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Conscious Company Media Cont. (SOCAP Global)

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Richard Averitt, Starchive, April 2020

Robyn Crawford, Eden Books, February 2020

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Tré Seals, VocalType, February 2020

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