I tell the stories of culture-shifting brands and the dreamers who create them.

Move Over Coffee*

The world is being changed by the entrepreneurs who are rejecting #hustleculture & creating brands that #shiftculture by #beingmindful.Which isn't to say that they don't bust ass. They work harder than most people know is possible. They just do it on their terms: meditating in short bursts when they can find 3 minutes, leading zoom meetings in car pickup lines, listening to podcasts while running, and punctuating their days with 5 minute dance parties and accountability partners.And I have been helping them tell their stories for almost two decades.

conscious-tech startup:

Project: Brand Strategy
and Website Design

modern-activist community:
Climate Designers

Project: Program & Communications
Strategy, Media Site Launch

connection-based events:
The Adventure Project

Project: Brand Strategy
and Website Design

humxn-healing provider:
Pura Vida Health & Wellness

Project: Brand Identity
and Website Design

a new kind of nonprofit:
The James Foster Project

Project: Brand Strategy
and Website Design

consulting that equalizes:
Rosa Sabater

Project: Umbrella Brand Creation
and Website Design

*don't worry, we still drink a lot of coffee...

storytelling that matters.

Strategic vulnerability. Interesting anecdotes. Enticing data. Social proof. This is the big picture over-arching narrative that guides your entire brand. Choosing the right words intertwines the ethos of your brand and your dreams for the world with the stories that are connected to it.I've interviewed close to 100 digital darlings, humane-tech founders, hyper local brick and mortar owners, personal development heroes, spiritual development heroes, people rethinking money & finance, people rethinking everything else, and so many more.These interviews have been featured on SoCap, Transformative Tech, and various Medium and Substack publications.

Conscious Tech Startups

Are you putting everything you've got into a platform or app that will shift everything? Let me help you create a brand that captures the story that fuels your dreams.Featured Client: Starchive
Project: Brand Strategy, Communications Strategy, Visual Identity Upgrade

Modern Activist Communities

Are you running a community designed for social justice? Let me help you create a strategy that will engage your community in the world-changing work you are passionate about.Featured Client: Climate Designers
Project(s): Event Program & Communications Strategy, Communications Advising, Media Site Launch

Humxn Healing Solopreneurs

Are you on a mission to heal the world through your service-based work? You don't need a $5-10K website!Let me help you create a simple website that shows your ideal clients why you should be their #1 choice.

Culture Shifting Creators

I've interviewed close to 100 founders, creatives, & hyper-local business owners. My clients tell me there's nothing like having your story told by someone who really believes in your work.

I know first-hand that hiring someone to create a custom website and brand strategy is never realistic for solopreneurs & freelancers. I also know that having a professionally designed website (home, offers, about) and brand image can go a long way towards assuring your ideal clients + customers that you are the perfect fit for them.Together we can create a simple, beautiful three-page website that tells the story of your work just the way you would - adjusted ever-so-slightly with the best practices in communications & brand strategy.And we'll do it for a fraction of the money you'd pay to hire a designer and half the time you'd spend doing it yourself.

"I was struggling with getting my message and business clearly organized and articulated on my website and wasn't sure I could get the quality I wanted within my budget. Not only was LaKay within my budget, she spoke my language and understood exactly what I was looking for. As for my new brand look and website, it is fresh, well-expressed, clean, organized and beautifully ascetic."- Heather, Pura Vida Holistic Health


I'll send you some strategy questions to help us both get clear on your vision for your business.


I'll set up a Squarespace website, complete with free stock photos, section headings, & a unique color palette.


We'll have a 90 minute meeting to go over all of the choices I made, and discuss the remaining content.


You'll fill in the remaining content, and I'll do an edit for voice and clarity.


Launch Your New Site


50% is paid to book your project and 50% is paid after the 90 minute session (midway point).Email me with any questions or to get started!

Available Add-ons⓵ If you are unfamiliar with Squarespace, we can set up a 90 minute training for $200, once your site is live.⓶ Additional pages can be added for $125 and up to 20 blog posts can be transferred over for $300.

published writing

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Creative Enlightenment (Medium)

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The Soul of Creators: Bold Insights from Consciously Shifting Culture, April 2020

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The Courage To Leap, (print) November 2017

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Work as I say, Not as I Did, by Nicolás Forero (personal site), October 2021

People Like Us, by Adam Thomas for Datatheism (personal site), September 2021

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Megan Falley: Poet, Activist, Needle Mover, July 2020

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Dolly Parton: Singer-Songwriter, Beloved Icon, Needle Mover,
February 2020

Laura Cathcart Robbins: Truth-Teller, Community-Builder, Needle-Mover, January 2020

Copywriting & Blog Posting

for other brands

Holding onto Hope, Central City Concern

Charlette's Story, Central City Concern

Interviews & Brand Features

Transformative Tech

Keren Flavell, Kasaba, August 2021

Medium (self-published)

Sarah Symons, Her Future Coalition, January 2021

Dr. Vanessa Bouché, January 2021

Jennifer Moreau, World for Good, January 2021

SUSTAIN, the mag

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Conscious Company Media (SOCAP Global)

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